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are, one by one, disappearing before the innovations of the
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functional problem, that it constitutes an intellectual training of
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wounds. But as late as 1870 the first of these ailments
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to us the urine of an unmarried female, whose abdomen was
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quent changes in the dressing were only made for the
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of-silver stick. He thought the time might come when
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moreland (W. F.), jr. Plaster of Paris in the treat-
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Granger, William D., Bronxville (Yernon House), Westchester Co.
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The Control of Exfoll\tive Dermatitis Following Administration of Arsphe.vamin 498
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has been shown that the phagocytes of the body depend, to a consider-
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be obliged by a reply in the ".Vnswers to Correspondents" in'vour
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has added to Waldenburg's apparatus an air-tight stop-cock,
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tellectual capacity, so observable amongst a given number of
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bring it in, and for this purpose he will have to examine the
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Dr. Carpenter and Professor Rokitanski. The student in medicine,
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phosphenate have shown the presence of a synovial pseudar-
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wide, then a depression with sloping sides eight feet wide at
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tending to a diminution of the virulence and ultimate death
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cient in most cases, although it must be remembered that
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(Lond.), :\LR.C.P., Torbav Hospital, Torquav. Pp. 105. New
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if about to suffocate. He Heemcd to suffer so imicli
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occurring in other organs under similar conditions. What we have to
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Eiselkwai Zashi, Tokio, 1893, uo. 127, 1080-1104— Koblcr
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ing whether the patient is lying evenly on the back, ilia
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using such water, bacterial examinations are usually made to deter-
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incision; no general diffuse peritonitis. About two
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only have to remind you that, according to the Registrar-General's
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Zupnik, Gelpke, and others — believe that they are pathogenic in \ary-
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that the acarus is not to be found in vesicles or pustules. To convince the