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Otitis, previously almost unmentioned, was so frequent in the epidemic
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result of this, the occlusion of a renal artery, either large or small, causes
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cal principles. After the placenta has been extruded from
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General Hospital, April 9th, was carried by a large majority.
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" shelled out " from its capsule — which is the best method of treatment in
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adherent. Their texture is soft, the cortex is pale and
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which had undoubtedly extended into, and perhaps beyond, the larynx.
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These mestizo cows were, in fact, rather inferior, and were the
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such as tubercular tonsil and lupus vulgaris, the bacilli
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sensory disturbances. It was thought that Stilly justified in waiting for more definite
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various tissues and organs of the body; (2.) To determine the
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lished three autopsies in cases of this sort, but their
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large percentage of the gas may be blown into a given space. The
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" I am perfectly astonished at the impunity with which I do
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by the effect on the caseous deposits, and by the forbearance of the diges-
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And now as to that most important of all items — quality of food for growing
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" What is the cause of contractility?" This, like the pre-
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ever, hold very different opinions to those which Mr. Adams so
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the fall more gradually, the reaction occupying from forty-five minutes
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people do not. Consequently I think it is perfectly safe to send a con-
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tire wound, with the exception of the posterior inch,
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was first picked up,, you can see where the ligament enters the
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come forward to favour us with contributions — to crown
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to warrant the assertion that the case is non-infectious and harmless to the
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or nui-se. A Dr. Bernard states that he has employed