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evidence to the contrary. Further, it is noteworthy that we are still
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disorder. Except when it results in ulceration, it does not put life
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Cases of so-called "multiple-," "poly-serositis. ''
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Philadelphia, A. Hart, late Carey and Hart, 1851. - - - 426
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bling that which is occasioned by drinking spirits; hoarseness; cold in
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c. Nerve fibres. Several classifications of nerve fibres are in
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each meal a pill is taken containing one-twentieth of a
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who came into asylums the menses reappeared simultaneously with the
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with prophylaxis, a chapter in Part First. It is hardly necessary to add
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most abundantly, though in some cases, not altogeiher wisely, supplied.
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tery, enteritis, gastroenteritis, typhoid fever). It was
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There has not been any case of sickness during the insufflation.
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while occasionally the latter consist almost entirely
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surflice of earth, inhabited by human beings, which is
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end of two years ; A. Martin had operated in sixteen cases, with
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face will prevent injury. Besides the principle of raising to
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1897, xi, 285; 307.— Rice (0. C.) The relation of patho-
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be slight, Calendula with Glycerine will relieve it. If this is unsuc-
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starting three to four centimetres above the apex of the V, and this is
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believe your own admission has shown the wisdom of the
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Respiratory Organs. By AUSTIN Flint, M. D., Professor of the Theory
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that the cachectic condition of the patients is the greatest possible obstacle to
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oozing upon the slightest disturbance of the surface