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times. It is soon found where cases are for some time under observation that

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have only selected those portions which are of most interest,

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at two years of age, and Alcott's patient was three years

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that an average strength of 275 men lost 21, chiefly from cholera.

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to possess the same pathogenicity as is usually associated with the

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the lives of those suffering from hemorrhagic mala-

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overcome most of his enemies, and he was beginning, at last, not

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On the palms and soles, it is seldom seen without being present exten-

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dirty water appeared to have suffered 3^ times as much mortality

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The climate of the places to which these returns refer is

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hol lamp below is lighted, and as soon as the fumes from the calomel are

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applied water bandages and kept the finger wet constantly.

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"Composition," and the "Capsicum " which he has introduced into

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