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not interfered with. In fact, Nature would be less likely to
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in cases of musculo-spiral and of facial paralysis is only a question of degree.
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4 cm., and is filled with fluid. At its lowest point the pelvis communicates with
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Captain Freeman V. Walker, assist.tut surgeon, now on
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felt as if they were convalescent, even while, as we may believe,
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by a physician. Bleeding was resorted to for every ailment. A
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the problems presented for solution. For nowhere else
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Synonyms.— Thvu&h; Fr., 3Iuguet; Ger., Soor ; also, FT.,Laper-
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County Insane Asylum. Married ; had one child 9 years ago. The attack has
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If the bowels act oftener than twice a day, live for a
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we see so powerful a vital force that it holds death at bay for hours or
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stained bacteria, with a few well-stained examples among them. In smaller
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hospital clothing belonging to the Medical Department, including the
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apertures, the body of the fourth vertebra could be felt, denuded of its peri-
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ber of these cases you have a hereditary taint, some parent having had
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the region affected. In such cases there would be a combined rheu-
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letic exercises, have been known to cause the affection. An effective
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Case YIII. Amputation at the AnMe-joint hy Dr. Kis-