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loss of sensation and movement — is made evident by complete resolu-

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before a committee of the House of Commons on this subject,

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Description. — Facial erysipelas is usually ushered in by chills, malaise,

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ination, and in cows suppression of the secretion of milk ; the mouth

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“ heathenship; heathenship is that a man reverence

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each. From small-pox New York :(. From malarial fever New

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and the uterus was collapsed closely round the outline of the child.

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interest in which the operation of excision of the ankle-joint has

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culosis. The relative virulence of the organism compared

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of the disease, this method has been a failure so far

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(1877 a). — Bijdrage t. d. biol. d. Infusoria <Onderzoek. ged. in h. physiol. Lab.

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cases, as also did tetanus, the only remaining patient dying

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see to it that that community does its part toward making this admin-

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as much as possible before birth of the child, by manipulation and even suction,

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its length and packed snugly about the cervix in the vaginal vault.

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the Hon. J. Israel Tarte, whose bright and witty speech

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and so long as the other kidney remains active, no pos-

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Achilles-jerk and to the ankle clonus; a persistent ankle clonus

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however, certain. Wigand, d'Outrepont. and Busch (all

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enables life to go on however insecurely, and the heart to per-

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showing the Influence of Quinine on the Death-rate.

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of the blizzard, rain and snow yielding 1.653 inches in the gauge.

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occurred from preventable disease — viz. , one from diphtheria, three from pyae-