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6. Folin, Otto and Denis, W.: New Methods for the Determination of Non-
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certain diagnosis ; and there can be no doubt but that we may
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confidence that they could practice good medicine in a
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mation vary so much according to the duration or original severity of the
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nucleus similar to those floating loose ; finally, there were a few
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The worst of splinters is the reed, because it is rough: and there is the same
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50 °C. on alternate mornings are sufficient to produce a defi-
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needs no argument to substantiate ; the uneasiness, fretfulness,
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such an extensive effusion to be produced. The jury acquitted the prisoner.
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no one else to do it, I left her for the purpose of
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the procedure of leaving a raw surface is questionable, we must
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who had attended five thousand cases in twenty-five ye;irs. She
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tritive but non-stimulating and easily digested food, as for the horse,
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seemingly carefully performed, but I am not prepared to admit
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end of the instrument is lying inside the bladder, to separate
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tions studied, is the impression left upon every para-
ration, to which the name hydrargyrum tannicum oxydvlatum
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siderable controul over the gouty paroxysm, and by a similar
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the bacillus of tuberculosis and its artificial cultivation, it is
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On Deaf- Mutism, and the Method of Educating the Deaf and Dumb. By Lau-
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The medical profession is admittedly a calling that demands pro-
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the fundus. These were removed with ease by the blunt curette,
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country." The Medical Society of Berks County, Pa.,
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spinal ; the latter may be either purely cerebral or purely spinal. When the
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From an analysis of these cases, the following conclusions regai'ding the
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tracts from the supposed curative effects of the digitalis ; and in the case reported