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fingers, in which at first the fingers looked just as I have seen them do

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in their urine. Referring to the statements that mercury had been re-

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considered when treating of the individual diseases. Nothing, therefore,

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contributed a paper on the " Efficacy of Emetics in Spas-

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Members may ap|>ly to the Secretary-General's Office

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the tongue; and sometimes sudden loss of voice. Such change in

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4. Conn, Herbert W. Bacteria in milk and its products. Illustrated, 306 pp.,

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Case YII.— Mrs. I). C. S., aged fifty-five to fifty-nine(?) Yision

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sections of mosquitos, and in hibernating mosquitos (in England) have

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tion of modern medicine through the ages of mysticism, and

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ach. Examination showed the case to be one of spindle-

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neys and of acute albuminuria. It is incidental to the pulmonary conges-

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litic endarteritis of the right middle cerebral artery." The diag-

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by Dr. Jerome Walker, were referred to the publication committee. Dr. Elisha

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passes a nut-headed screw to connect them with the lower board,

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doses of opium and with this alone I broke the intermittent.

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teresting to note that Delprat found two typical cases of Thomsen's disease,

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spectators are persuaded that he reads the thoughts and divines

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called for, and, indeed, indispensable, when there is present any degree

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The disease comes on gradually. It generally begins in the