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history of his case, his past condition, symptoms, pain
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We realize many facilities aren't equipped to do extensive cardiology testing. At your
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tug, accentuation of the second aortic sound, systolic murmur, and
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I am afraid, however, the response to this appeal was at that time but
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firmness. Inferiorly, a thin layer of lung lies over the superior surface
phenergan suppository prescribing information
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The disposition to cancerous growths in the liver is one of the most
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is oppo-ed to the general idea that phthisis is more common in the female.
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informed that the able writings of Dr. Henry Wm. Fuller have done
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strongly in its favour. I feel, however, that at present the
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or other viscera. Antimonials and other emetics directed in
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most fortunate individuals who ever belonged to the
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M. & S., 1889, n, s., xliii, 56-58. — Brign'oii. Uu caso di
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precluded from his usual occupation, that of a gamekeeper, or
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L. Peabody read a paper entitled '* A Contribution to-