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poisoning, even of the chronic variety. Little help,
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The other various causative factors to which elephantiasis so often
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much lower the head is than the anterior spine. By putting one
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the wound, was, at the doctor's first examination, described
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In the ancemic form be on the lookout for signs of anaemia in infants,
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established surgeons. Excellent office facilities. Opposite
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patient's age, weight, and likes or dislikes for certain forms of meats:
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such an extensive effusion to be produced. The jury acquitted the prisoner.
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this a dessertspoonful is given ter die, in cases of
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compared with the BUI. It relates to a single clause. From
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contracts if we do what is ordained by majority rule, or the stick of loss of
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Surgeons of England in 1853. He received his Professional education
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finally occurred more frequently than ever, we explained
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staff and of the Committee of the London Hospital, that all
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Medical College or School ; and being, at the time of application,
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Dr. Ogle, in reply, said that he had not been unmindful of
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tion at the same place, at 10 a.m., Saturday, May Si The Con-
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distinction ; and I confess that I still think the edi-
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dermal cells are again developed, and the skin, after remaining red for
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nership. Contact Dept. 70 in care of the Journal . lOtfn
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nine years of age. Now, be it understood that in many
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It is true that the wonderful history of myxaidenia
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is well marked, occupying nearly one fourth of the inner
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less body being turned alternately on the chest and back fifteen
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aid was not then sought. But, a fortnight afterwards, a still more
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rior to, or rather different from, those of the torpe-
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tended, and emaciation, with extreme debility, rapidly con-
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and die ;" and elsewhere it is averred, that when they evince
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For not only was it an inflammation of the pericardium exclu-
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additional fa£ls in favour of it. We are fatisfied that, in
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not, then, a new discovery, as claimed. Nor is it new in this
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accidentally hanged ; and I imagine so far as the mere suspension
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and soles. Perspiration occurs in these places, but elsewhere the
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may be either frontal or occipital in distribution, more fre-