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The Southern Practitioner, and The Country Practitioner make,
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ferred to the 1st and 34th Experiments oI'Dr. Beaumont's work, which
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General Hospital, April 9th, was carried by a large majority.
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the same patient, and that it selects the larger joints in pre-
is prednisone bad for your eyes
la peau, French trans., ed. Besnier, vol. ii. — 3. Liveing, R. Handbook on Diseases
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patient had for some time presented symptoms of dis-
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homeopathic medical colleges in the United States or Europe as may be recognized by a
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210 Mr. Roy F. Young— Gunshot Wounds of the Chest.
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mercury, etc., while refering to principles and truth.
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was then most thoroughly applied to the cardiac region, but it
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contributions regarding the bacterial flora found in influenza. After R. Pfeift'er's
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Dr. P. K. Brown : In a number of cases of lung abscess I have noted
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giving a violet tinge to some household implements.
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Maize has been popularly regarded as indigestible ; as a good
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The fourth was the most remarkable of the above series of cases,
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forts to repair injury, e. g., the formation of callous in bone,
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Mention has been made of the flushing-out of the gall-stones.
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this manner. In the tibia and fibula it is sometimes almost impossible to