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Dr. Schulhof remarked upon the difference of symptoms in
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ited under the microscope showed typical tubercles,
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rubber connecting-tubes to deteriorate, loosen or become clogged
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failure, the uterus being found in retroversion six weeks after the
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children to school, or in visiting frieuds, or as a means of recreation and
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intestine, but the local treatment is impracticable because
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in which he succeeded in lessening, more or less, the intensity
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cases in private practice, and in any event I think as
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the observer's hand, and the sole of the foot gently ir-
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the abdominal walls are thin, it is difficult to exert sufficient
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completed the operation, and has left conditions so that no drainage, no
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him during the winter. This past summer he has been here and, as
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and seemed to aid in clearing up the turbidity of the urine.
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nicious delay than the poppy and its derivatives if mis-
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According to Humphrey, spina bifida is due to an early failure
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Sir: — Your committee, the undersigned, respectfully report as
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surgeon almost simultaneously succeeded in accomphshing the same feat,
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Plague Bacillus. — During the Hongkong epidemic the great Japanese
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starvation at a later period than men ; that cold and damp permit of
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Armistead, D. B., Greenville; Med. Coll. of Va., 1931 1935 1936
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tion of the pericardium naturally tends, viz. adhesion of its folds.
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the danger and inconvenience afterwards is very great. If suffocation
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stood, if the word inflammation were substituted for "inflammatory con-
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of dense cicatricial tissue. Within the preceding eighteen
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mentary bolus, keeping the bowel in a suitable state of distention, and
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embracing all the different works upon the Reformed Practice, together with a great vari-
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leedies or cups, must be resorted to in all cases where the pain is not
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mately half of the patients were seen by one or more
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thought enough {vide vol. i. p. 470). Between fifteen and twenty-five
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void tridiag_gen(float *A, float *B, float *C, float *D, int len)
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But the clinical appearance of disease is not the only reaction follow-
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swelling gradually increased; the eye was at length protruded
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comprehensive, is arranged in different sections. Under the head
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certained that it is connected with the carotid artery, go a
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post-mortem. A man came in labouring under heart disease
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is seen falling from the under, but when overhead all definition and
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