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the second, quartan in the third, week, and on those days on which a
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tion of the alimentary canal. This is well exemplified in the
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time involuntary vocal phenomena may be present. The laryngeal
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in trypanosomiasis. To Plimmer and Thomas belongs the credit
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Sapo viridis is a remedy that has been most favorably spoken of
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alone, hunckeds of tons of drugs are annually used which
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of the arteries are thickened and the vessels are varicose and diminished
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will run out at the bottom. The application of this instru-
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in the country at some period of their lives, logical factor of much importance. Of
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28 proved fatal (0.53 per cent.). The source of some of the milder
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and the board shall have authority to appoint such dis-
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unprovided with a proper camp equipage, without arrangements for
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hath before been sensible of a weight and pressure,
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dance of blood-tinged fluid with many air-bubbles in it. On this
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Every animated being has a limited period of existence, during which it
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enthusiast, still there is a world of truth in the opinions which he sets forth.
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day; sometimes it is protracted to the thirteenth or fourteenth, but
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i>nn4iiiif^ (sf 1-oiMtn). Pyroxylin, or eun-cot-
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Agar cultures are usually employed to obtain cultures of pure diph-
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gata, which, being directed on the muscles, throws them into
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where the patient holds back, refuses treatment until
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in regarding his former opinion on this subject confirmed—
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vessels, and the resulting hemorrhage would be paren-
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of the arteries are thickened and the vessels are varicose and diminished
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the privies, it is apparent that poverty and a poorer dietary cannot