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urea is broken up and ammonia is formed ; the jjhos-

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abdominal wounds closed. Recovery was satisfactory.

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exudation ; at another time, that it leads to pus pro-

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liver architecture; (2) it can persist with varying degrees of

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appears to be by inunction. The ordinary 50 per cent, blue

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sonous doses of the corrosive chloritlc of mercury, takini^ care to

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firmer and more solid, but some pulsation was still felt. Xo change had

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fectly comfortable and cheerful. Much the same line of treat-

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increased very gradually at first, but being a countrywoman, constantly

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acid, will be found quite as tonic, while it possesses more decidedly

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arsenic, or iron, especially if surface pallor be marked, or at

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through digestive tract but not common. May be inoculated

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The note taken on August 24 says : " The patient has been doing

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bury, the great man and the courtier, but the philo-

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Nephrology at the University of Utah Health Sciences

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ISTaturally, when examining small children, we do not expect

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cases. In the transient delirium which sometimes succeeds epileptic par-

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venience, before coming under treatment ; and in a few

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spent on its study. Dr. Krause, therefore, appealed to

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general treatment, which consisted of small doses of

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Committee, decidedly inferior to the Patent Skeleton Leg, (No.

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have at its disposal a variety of legal, economic, and

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pus from wound dark and very fetid ; complete anorexia. Have been giv-

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certain circumstances glycerine is doubtless of use in favouring dilatation,

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Full Clinical .ind Bacteriological Data and Generous Samples upon request to

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is preferable to the more doubtful results obtainable

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feeding the sick one of primary importance. And there

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one is detected in lending his admission card to another, the

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be said in reply to this that the rash of measles does not

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(infrequently with discharge of blood. Elongation of the uvula may

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tissue was covered with 95 per cent, alcohol and evaporated to drj^ness

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acotomy. Despite these accidents recovery followed.

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the first chill may mark the beginning of both diseases, or only after

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