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note that the temi^erature of the body, instead of rising to a certain

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porting — often too late for success. The idea of change of type did not, I

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In the case of sputum, equal parts (about 5 c.c.) of fresh material

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of jaundice, render the existence of the disease highly probable ; and if,

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deprived them of two-thirds of their efficiency ; Africa is

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fessional interest are solicited. The Editors are not responsible for the views of contributors.

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and so intense that the rectum frequently becomes prolapsed and fecal

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The patient remained in a semiconscious condition, and died 4

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Florida. The vessel on which it came was soon sent down to the quarantine

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greenish, with an offensive smell. The urine is generally scanty,

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prolonged ; thus in short, rendering the course of the affection speedily favorable.

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Boil with sufficient water to make, after straiHing.

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of severe heart disease with orthopnea, the maintenance of the

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ease takes this or that course because a certain indi-

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self, so the larks must be up and about their business. The

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Royal Free Hospital. — Physician and two Junior House-Surgeons.

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being again broken down and rendered capable of being either absorbed

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described a mycelial fungus and spores. Deperet and Boniet,

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inghatn sewage-lields, in January last, to show the

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and trance, the motor and sensory nerves also are evidently

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conjunctiva was usually accompanied by nasal or pharyngeal

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these are intact, stimulation of the sole will protluce generally a flexor,

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3. Colston, J. A. C. The Surgical Treatment of Cancer of

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been riddled with bullets. The reporter handed Dr. Cres-

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a more pleasant footing than it now assumes. As it is,