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An acute or subacute inflammation of the bulb, attended by the

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to a grain diet until fully recovered and ready to go to work.

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the recuperation of any diseased part, using the vital forces

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" Incubation. — The incubation stage is from three to six days.

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12. Wynne J, Sayes M, Maddox DE, et al: Regional left ventricular

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in which no part of the urethral wall could be traced into the wall of the cavity. As the

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four to six weeks, while in others this occurs only after *six to ten weeks.

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M'liJTGOMEliY, Andrew, Esq., late lusiiector-General of Hospitals,

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may be the source of infection in some cases; the Cambridge report gave

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In our own countr}', aside from tuberculosis, other epidemics are

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The susceptibility of the affected muscles to faradic currents is some-

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