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whole, it is a question whether they are not more distressing

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The deep reflexes are absent in both upper and lower extremities.

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fit and reduce the excitability. During the attack the patient should

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Graduate Courses. Post-graduate work may be done at stated periods

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reduced xiressure on fish. J. Bost. Sbc. M. Sc., 1898-9, iii,

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means of a virus contained in a palpable morbid product, viz., serum,

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we are warranted in considering it other than a form

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a considerable lymphocytosis was present. The administration of 100

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force ; but it more frequently results from an excess of appropriation, by the

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repetition of the operation of ingrafting the cow-pox renews, or

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nership. Contact Dept. 48 in care of the Journal. m4tfn

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and again carried round the limb, dividing everything to the bone.

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do not thrive elsewhere. According to Strassburger, bacteria comprise about one-

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last injection, and there had been no return of the

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* Synonyms. — Cruveilliier's paralysis — Wasting palsj- — Amyotropbie essentielle — Polio-

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I acted on that to some extent when I said it was quite in order we should, by resolution,

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further duty at the U. S. General Hospital, Washington Barracks,

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radiograph was taken through the dressings, a pin and the mottling due to

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M. D., Clinical Surgery — Fractures and DLslocations ; J. C.

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the throat and upper part of the trachea, which he is supposed to

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tial to the activity of the thyroglobulin. Hunt asserts: (1) That the