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the reason that in some cases the cardiac functions are for a short time
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producing enlargement of the thyroid body hy ligaturing the jugular
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and Lower Saxony, as well as parts of Sweden, Switzerland, and France,
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when from the severity of the symptoms in the early stages, suf-
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ent state of pathology, that syphilis is an infectious
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difficulty of deglutition. Difficulty of deglutition
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taught. The petitioners declare that there is no material
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feel stiffened and lame upon moving the head. The bowels
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susceptibility. I believe that the two attacks have always been
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used. Compresses of tarlatan impregnated with this substance
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the fact that without instrumental blood-pressure determinations,
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thazar Foster; Mr. Hill; Mr. G. Gaskoin ; Dr. B. W. Richardson;
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Temperature Course. — On the whole leprosy runs an afebrile course except for the
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that the liver has regained its functional balance. The clinical
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from Phytolacca for weeks or even months, and then the patient will
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urethra and had the patient retain it ; then, leaving the
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At first it consisted of four departiuents^namely, that
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1875. See also Klebs, " Beitnige zur Kenntniss der Pathogenen Schistomyoeten," Arch,
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recourse to. So with regard to antimonials, although in the large
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IJnt is the idea expressed by this law trne in point of fact ? Let us fol-
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but he said ' No,' it should be made out to my estate.
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vincial Surgeon, Mr. Hay, of Leeds. I am, &o. Y. F. L.
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view of the advances made in genito-urinary surgery since the book first
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verse, or ragged ; in such cases abdominal section is indi-
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7 cm., and when the ligature has been tied a similar
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which I referred in this particular instance is quite
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though by many of our school ignored, is necessary to our
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bolic-acid poisoning in spite of the avoidance of needless introduction of the
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suffered would not have left him his heart of healthy
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rupture had taken place. He had found the patient three
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any extension of the disease to the other patients in the hospital ; nor
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4. Jonas, A. D. : Variability of blood pressure read-
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a registered dentist had a right to prescribe for a patient's
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take to employ them. What are you to do ? prescribe opium in mo-